Dental Hygiene for Seniors

Kids have their benefits when it’s dental health. At least they have their milk teeth that can be replaced with new ones as they grow old. As an adult, you had your chance. Opportunities come once and not twice. Don’t think that the teeth will grow again, if you happen to lose them. What you need is to maintain hygiene for the teeth you have. It is very much possible to maintain dental hygiene even through the twilight ages with the current level of technologies. All you need to do is to consider special attention to your teeth to keep them intact for as long as possible.

Oral Challenges

With age, there are many challenges you have to deal with. Conditions that never used to exist in the days of your youth will show up. These might include dry mouths, attrition, diseases and root decay. If you don’t prevent or treat these ones at their early stages, they might cost you your dental formula. That’s when you will start regretting being old with large gaps. Check out some tips that might help you maintain oral hygiene even as you age.


You need to take extra care for your teeth as you grow old. Your body systems will not be giving their all which means that you have to keep supplementing for a lot of issues.  Fluoride is the substance that prevents tooth decay and keeps the teeth safe from external attacks. You will need more of that. Whether it’s the toothpaste or the rinse, incorporate fluoridation. Those should be done daily for optimal protection.

Quit Smoking

Tobacco is the enemy of oral hygiene yet it tends to be the friend of many old men and women. Well, if you need maximum oral hygiene, you got to defy the odds and be different. People who chew tobacco are at a higher risk of contracting oral and throat cancer. It can even go deeper to cause heart attacks and other complications. More tobacco chewing can also cause teeth decay.

Oral Hydration

Dry mouths are more vulnerable to oral defects as bacteria are free to do their business. With age, oral hydration becomes a problem. You might be forced to do it manually. Some medications can cause dry mouths and substitute them with ones that don’t cause oral dehydration might solve the issue. Drinking more water can also help. Cutting short on alcohol can also help as it tends to dehydrate the body in general.

Antibacterial Mouthwash

Going the extra mile is vital for oral hygiene in adults. On top of normal brushing and flossing, add some antibacterial mouthwash. It will help you fight the accumulation of plaque. Plaque is the starting point for almost all dental defects. You can imagine the defects you will be preventing.

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