Dental Crown Overview

A normal tooth will be made of dentin on the inside and a crown on the surface. The crown is the hard white part that forms the teeth surface for a smile. Due to their direct exposure to the oral conditions, the crowns often suffer from plenty of defects be it chemical or mechanical. It is common to have porous crowns due to bacteria action and tooth decays. Crowns can also break mechanically when subjection to impacts. Cracks, chips, and other damages are also possible. To correct these defects, dentists go for an artificial crown that is designed to fit on the original teeth and are tooth-colored.


Dental crowns are basically crafted by dentists according to the demands of the patient. That is very necessary as people have different teeth sizes, shapes, and even color. For a dental crown to be effective, it has to blend in with the rest of the teeth and remain unnoticed. The texture and the ability of the teeth to function as the rest of the normal teeth is also an objective. There is a whole procedure to be followed with the crown having to be molded to fit in and the actual placing. That means some extra costs that you or your insurance have to take care of.

How much it costs

At first, you have to acknowledge that people got different needs. The quote you will have might be higher than the one I will get. Don’t get jealous, you might be having more needs than I have. You might say that dental crowns are expensive but I will say the complete opposite. Get it? That’s how people end up with different interpretations. For sure, crowns are considered cheap but the many variables surrounding them are what increases the cost. The number of crowns to be replaced, the preparation, the material used and such will all influence the cost.

  • Material uses – go for the cheap materials and pay less. Crowns can be made of several materials including some expensive ones like gold or diamond.
  • Number of crowns – one crown will cost you less. If you want to have several crowns at the same time, it goes without saying that you will have to pay more.
  • Preparation – if your teeth surface is clean enough and doesn’t require a lot of preparation before the crown is placed, the quote will be less. The vice versa is also true.


Dental crowns will be used to restore damaged teeth. Insurance covers will hence take on only part of the bill or nothing at all. Where the procedure is purely cosmetic, you have to take care of every expense. You can’t count on your insurance unless it’s an accident that caused the teeth damage. Otherwise, you might need to consult with the insurance company for clarification.

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